1.13 Survival Server Released!

[Owner] theyesdog ao
theyesdog @ Lobby Server
posted Aug 26, 18

It's taken a long time to get the new spawn built, plugins updated, and user experience tweaked... but it is finally here. The new 1.13 survival server is open for business! Come check out all the new features in the long-awaited Update Aquatic and build the fantastic under water base you've always dreamed of.

If you've played on our survival 1.12 server, you should still have full item sync to the new survival world. Some items do not convert automatically and will change into a conversion book that you can either take back to 1.12 with, or convert to a 1.13 item at the conversion temple (more info available at the temple). Come check it out!

Make sure to also check out the new 1.13 DynMap to see all the cool stuff being built!