We're opening our doors to PE players as I continue my work with the ProtocolSupport team to bring the vast amount of PE players into the fold with our PC/Java players.

I know this initiative has made some of our staff (and probably players) feel a bit alienated, but I promise you all we've stumbled upon what might be the greatest advantage ever in the history of Minecraft servers. This will continue to be a pain-point for the months to come, but opening the doors to PE players means an easy win for all of us here on the server.

'Third party' PE servers are a buggy, horrible nightmare. We've been given an opportunity to present PE players with a multiplayer experience they can't experience anywhere outside of a PE 'realm' server. Beyond the stock minecraft features there, we are prepared to present our PE players with an experience more inline with what Java servers have been presenting for years. We are poised to not only leverage our existing PC plugins and assets, but also all the custom code we've prepared over the last year. This is our change to really change the face of Minecraft, and we get to be right on the front lines and reap the benefits of all of those eager PE players :)